The aroma of fresh, premier coffee fills our cafe on Eastex Freeway in Beaumont and on Memorial Highway (hwy 69 near Jimmy Johnson Blvd) in Port Arthur - Mid County area.  Sertinos Beaumont & Sertinos Mid County has a wide variety of coffees from your basic coffee blends to your specialty drinks. 

View our featured coffees below.



-A dark and well-balanced coffee with cocoa hints and mid-to-full bodied flavor. A wonderful choice for your breakfast blend, and serves as a great side with chocolate. Also pairs well with fruits.

House Decaf

-A name like decaf is deceptive for this treat. This is a popular decaf, more so than we even expected! It's a delicious, clean coffee flavor that tastes like it is missing...well, nothing. Our decaf is the choice coffee for many of our late night customers who come in and want the taste of their favorite morning coffee without the jolt. This has become a highly-requested after-dinner coffee over the last year as well.


(espresso and frothed milk)

(espresso with steamed half and half)

(espresso and hot water)

(dark coffee and espresso; this is our version of big bold bite of Italy; if you like Italian Roasts of other brands but they just don't have quite enough punch, this Voodoo is for you. This is a signature item on our menu and is a popular morning, breakfast coffee for those who like things strong, dark in flavor and full-bodied in aroma)

Café Au Lait
(coffee and steamed milk)

Hot Chocolate
(as much as folks like our house coffee, there are just as many who come here strictly for a good cup of hot chocolate; one of our best-sellers, this hot chocolate is nothing too fancy or too bland; it's made fresh and often with sweet purity in mind; our Sertinos hot chocolate is the preferred choice of many local customers who have high expectations and one of our most popular children's drinks)

Mexican Hot Chocolate
(steamed milk and Mexican spiced chocolate)

Flavored Steamer
(steamed milk and flavored syrup)

Chai Latte
(steamed milk and chai tea; every week we have customers tell us that this is the drink that brought them in and that it's the best flavor in town; Sertinos chai latte is the one drink that has converted even our most die-hard coffee drinkers into tea-drinkers; we use a careful recipe of milk or soy milk and chai, leveled and balanced to perfection with a slightly heavier dose of tea than milk; our tea is one of our most important offerings at Sertinos, not just an ancillary beverage to stick on the menu; at Sertinos our Chai Tea is Serious!)

Mocha Mud
(brewed coffee steamed milk and chocolate; think of a Mississippi mud pie dressed in premium, robust coffee beans and roasted fresh, then splashed with extra cocoa; this is a southern delight and seems to be the go-to coffee for those customers who don't necessarily classify themselves as "coffee-drinkers;" our mocha mud is packed with so much flavor that it lasts a long time, even after the warm cup has turned cold)

(single or double shot; serious espresso from Sertinos, just the way it was intended)

Italian Soda
(soda water with your choice of flavored syrup)

Coffee Float
(fresh brewed coffee with vanilla ice cream)


Espresso Milkshake
(creamy milkshake with added shots of espresso; it's cool, crisp and has a smooth feel of espresso with hints of cocoa; it is a must-have every Friday for one of our morning radio friends who adds TWO extra shots of espresso!)

Mocha Frappe
(ice blended coffee beverage with mocha sauce)

Caramel Frappe
(ice blended coffee beverage with caramel sauce)

Mint Mocha Freeze
(ice blended coffee beverage with mocha sauce and mint syrup)

Irish Crème Freeze
(ice blended coffee beverage with Irish crème syrup)


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