Sertinos Cafe has a variety of fine teas for your to enjoy. 
Hot tea or iced tea, Sertinos has whatever you need to
relax and enjoy high-grade, great quality tea.

Sertinos brings the world’s finest and freshest teas to you. The teas are grown at a high altitude and in cool weather. The bushes do not grow very quickly, and therefore, the production is limited.

The freshly picked leaves are hand-processed in small batches by skilled workers who labor through the night, alternately rolling the leaves, and then allowing them to rest. Afterwards, the leaves are baked several times until completely dried. We offer premium teas from the best lots of the green, black, and Oolong teas with exceptional taste and aroma. We also offer rare teas which are produced in very small quantities, far above the usual quality. These are distinctive teas selected with high standards for quality. Just the very tip and top leaves of each tea branch go into making the perfect cup. With its subtly changing color, taste, and aroma, tea is an endless source of comfort, inspiration and romance. 

Our types of teas are Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Pu-erh.


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